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New Patient Examination Very friendly, approachable, kind and understanding dentist and ALL staff. Mrs Esther Hill 09/01/2019
Lost Filling All staff are friendly and welcoming. Dental treatment by Amanda always undertaken in a friendly and sympathetic manner with patient care a priority. Mr Roger Hart 07/01/2019
Extraction prompt efficient service, and extremely helpful staff, Mr Christopher Halpin 03/01/2019
Dental Health Check Because I am always made to feel at ease when arriving and the staff are brilliant! Mr Martin Peck 29/12/2018
Broken Tooth Friendliness and professional advice Mr Garry Robinson 24/12/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Friendly, efficient. Takes the fear away Mr Alastair Sexton-Jones 20/12/2018
Dental Health Check Great care and service from all the team as always Mr Andrew Clayton 18/12/2018
Root Treatment Care and attention to ensuring treatment is pain free Mrs Sheila Wilkinson 18/12/2018
View I've always had a good experience and felt as I was appreciated as a patient Mr Terry Collins 13/12/2018
Ortho New Pt Everyone was friendly and helpful, was made to feel at ease. Mrs Pamela Holt 10/12/2018
Dental Health Check Very professional friendly service. Mrs Jean Kinley 10/12/2018
Dental Health Check It's not like going to the dentists, it's more like visiting friends Mrs Sandra Teasdale 06/12/2018
Filling Appointment Always welcomed by a friendly team Miss Kathryn Taylor 06/12/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc All staff are friendly and professional. Appointments run to time Mrs Victoria Wellings 30/11/2018
Dental Health Check Extremely friendly and professional service Mr Craig Sweatmore 28/11/2018
Broken Filling My dentist Laura Gill is very professional and makes you feel at ease,very good at her job ,I never feel uneasy at going to the dentist Mr Graham Yarwood 27/11/2018
Denture Fit Everyone is very friendly and at the same time very professional. Mrs Susan Scanlon 21/11/2018
Dental Health Check Friendly and very polite staff, excellent treatment Mr Mark Peacock 20/11/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Professional and friendly, always explain the procedure to follow and ready to answer any questions. Mrs Linda Hadley 13/11/2018
Dental Health Check Always welcoming and professional. Explains what is going on and giving good advice. Mr Brian Neale 13/11/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc The staff team are welcoming and response is prompt.I feel there is a real commitment to patients. Miss Jane Fantom 08/11/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc The staff are very friendly, accommodate for your every need and they make you feel comfortable when for some people like me going to the dentist can be scary Mr Lewis Buller 07/11/2018
Dental Health Check High standard of clinical care including provision of information Mr John Logan 07/11/2018
Tooth Ache Availability of staff for an emergency appointment. Very professional staff throughout the process right from first (and only!) phone call, receptionists and dentist. Service could not be improved in any way I could see. Mr Peter McMahon 05/11/2018
Dental Health Check Online Very happy with current dentist who is completely approachable. Mrs Brenda Smith 30/10/2018
Bridge Fit The Practise is very clean and relaxed with friendly staff. They are all efficient and make you feel confident and asssured from booking in to the actual treatment with the dentist. I would in particular recommend Paul Dixon as you get the feeling he really cares and takes a lot of pride in his work. He is the most gentile dentist I have ever visited with regards to him working on my mouth I would highly recommend him to others, thank you Mrs Patricia Bradshaw 25/10/2018
Dental Health Check Because its a great service and everyone is very nice and professional Mr Paul McHale 15/10/2018
Dental Health Check Online I always feel valued and looked after Mrs Hilary Parker 12/10/2018
Dental Health Check Great professionals who put me at ease every time Mrs Rachel Budgen 12/10/2018
Filling Appointment Staff are polite, my dentist Amanda is really nice and makes conversation with you. Miss Stephanie Haycocks 09/10/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Excellent friendly yet professional staff Mr Allen Standeven 09/10/2018
Hygienist New Patient Staff are all soo lovely and make me feel at ease x Mrs Janet Humphreys 03/10/2018
New Patient Examination It was a very pleasant, stress free experience and the dentist was lovely. Mrs Kay Burnett 02/10/2018
Dental Health Check Good attention is always given and appointments easy to make on line or by phone. Mr John Cooper 02/10/2018
Dental Health Check Online Excellent appointment system, wonderful dentists and hygienists and dental assistants. Mrs Frances Taylor 28/09/2018
Dental Health Check Extremely confident that i am getting a high standard of Dentistry Mr Peter Crilley 27/09/2018
Dental Health Check All the people at the practice behave in a professional and friendly manner and make me feel relaxed and well looked after. I feel that they are concerned about my dental health and needs. Anonymous 19/09/2018
Broken Tooth I have always had excellent service at the practice. All staff are professional and friendly, and treatment options are explained in advance. And I have never experienced any pain during treatment! Mr Andrew Smith 18/09/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Staff very friendly and professional Put you at ease Being on a payment plan encourages me to keep to appointments No big bills to pay makes it easy to budget for treatment Thanks to all at station house Mrs Julie Robinson 17/09/2018
Dental Health Check I am so afraid of the dentist, but Amanda is so nice and makes you feel at ease. Miss Roma Reynolds 12/09/2018
Hyg + Pocket Chart Fantastic service. All staff are great. Very welcoming and reassuring. Would definitely recommend to others. Mrs Jacqueline Connell 11/09/2018
Broken Tooth Instant appointment to attend to broken tooth. Highly professional care and attention Mr Geoffrey Featherston 08/09/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc It was my second check up and hygienist visit and I am still impressed. Paul and his team are really very good at what they do - I felt looked after and that all my concerns were addressed in a professional and exemplary way. Mrs Jackie Sheldon 07/09/2018
Dental Health Check Very positive and friendly staff (in particular my dentist Justin Hall). Mr Alexander Ford 04/09/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Lovely atmosphere made to feel at ease and very professional. Mrs Janice Taylor 31/08/2018
Preventative Hygienist Online Staff extremely helpful and friendly. Location is very bright, cheerful and centrally located in Glossop Mrs Jackie Russell 20/08/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc A very professional team and approachable Mr Keith Thomasson 14/08/2018
Dental Health Check The manner of all the staff especially the dentist who goes out of his way to make patients at ease in a stressful situation. Mr Terry Collins 09/08/2018
View Amanda is a fantastic dentist, super friendly and very reassuring Mr Robert Farmar 08/08/2018
Invis Check + Attachments Just dealing with experienced staff gives you great confidence in the service they offer. Mrs Jane Hammond 08/08/2018
Crown Out Because there was an instant response to an emergency situation and I was seen within ten minutes. Mrs Judith Swain 06/08/2018
Ortho Check Fixed Professional service. You know you’re in safe hands. Mrs Paula Roberts-Slack 30/07/2018
Pain Relief Emergency appointment - couldn’t have been more accommodating. Thanks! Mr Owen Hart 27/07/2017
Ortho New Pt I can always get an appointment at a time to suit me. Everything is explained to me properly. Everyone from the reception staff to the clinicians are always helpful and friendly. I wouldn't want to take myself or my family anywhere else for dental care. Miss Holly Tetlow 27/07/2017
Broken Tooth I've been with the practice for 13 years. Always friendly, everything explained clearly. My teeth have been kept in good order, and I've never had any pain during treatment! Mr Andrew Smith 20/07/2018
Ortho Free Online view Very welcoming and professional - I haven't been to the dentist for a while and Justin made me feel at ease. Miss Sian Gill 19/07/2018
Root Treatment Brilliant service and very good value for money Mr John Summers 18/07/2018
Tooth Ache I was able to get an emergency appointment very quickly. The Dentist was thorough and explained everything very clearly. Mrs Margaret Bell 17/07/2018
Dental Health Check I completely trust my dentist (Justin Hall) and have told my partner, who has a major fear of dentists after bad experiences, that he will be treated with understanding and care. Miss Kim Williams 17/07/2018
Dental Health Check Always feel welcomed and a cheerful atmosphere at station house makes going to the dentist tolerable Mrs Eileen Baxter 16/07/2018
Dental Health Check The staff are always polite, friendly and chatty. Instantly putting you at ease. The dentists listen to concerns, explain things clearly and don’t ‘tell you off’ if you might have missed the odd day of flossing! Mrs Kerrie Barnes 11/07/2018
Dental Health Check Justin is always very kind and Nicola is very clear and encouraging in her explanations. Mrs Margaret Matthews 06/07/2018
Tooth Ache I was seen so quickly & efficiently with the problem I had & my mouth immediately felt more comfortable. Thank you John Bates. Mrs Hilary Oxley 03/07/2018
Tooth Ache Professional, conscientious, attentive and friendly. I wouldn’t now go anywhere else to have my teeth looked after. Mr Matthew Flanagan 28/06/2018
View Everyone was so helpful and my problem was dealt with very quickly. Mrs Stella Hutchinson 27/06/2018
Dental Health Check Excellent service provided by caring professionals. Mr John Crilley 26/06/2018
Dental Health Check Online Friendly and professional attitude of all staff, in addition, kindness from my dentist. Mrs Belinda Wyatt 21/06/2018
Filling Appointment Staff very friendly and explain procedure clearly Mr Paul Barber 20/06/2018
Dental Health Check Premises are clean and tidy and the staff are very pleasant Mr Ian Redfern 18/06/2018
Dental Health Check Online I rang with a problem at 9am and was dealt with at 11am the same day. That kind of service for me is excellent. Mr Bryan Higgins 15/06/2018
Tooth Ache Owing to the services provided and the pleasant and professional manner of ALL Staff. Mr Keith Machin 14/06/2018
Invis ClinCheck Records The practice does everything it advertises and gives results, which I have seen on my daughter. Mrs Jane Hammond 14/06/2018
Extraction There is nothing to be worried about. It is an expert professional practice. I had a tooth removed today painlessly in minutes. Mr Robert Bartram 06/06/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc All staff are very friendly and helpful. They listen to everything and never seem rushed. They also communicate everything well and make you feel at ease. Excellent service. Mrs Jacqueline Connell 05/06/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc t is like going yo meet friends for a catch upp Mrs Margaret Wilkinson 03/06/2018
Lost Filling Quality and professionalism from dentist dental assistant and reception staff Mr John Costello 03/06/2018
Root Treatment All the staff are friendly and approachable and Dr Bates' injections are absolutely painless. Mrs Christine Morton 02/06/2018
Dental Health Check Very professional from reception through to dentist chair..I had clear friendly direction at each stage and procedure Mr Stuart Higginbottom 23/05/2018
Broken Tooth Everyone in the practice that I see are very professional and make me feel relaxed which is what I need to go to the dentist Mrs Gillian Kell 23/05/2018
Dental Health Check Extremely friendly service, appointments run exactly to time in my experience. No complaints! Dr Henry Procter 22/05/2018
Broken Tooth Paul Dixon is lovely and explains everything about treatments in great detail. Elaine is excellent when she is beside Paul, although she wasn’t in attendance today, 10 May. Shelley is also great and friendly. In fact! it is a pleasure to visit the practice, almost!!!! Mrs Marion Saxon 10/05/2018
Broken Tooth I had an emergency appointment on the same day and within an hour of phoning. Further treatments and a price were explained. As usual, a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Mrs Deborah Herbert 10/05/2018
Dental Health Check Online Because you can't find better. Mrs Lorraine Jones 09/05/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Always find my visits very friendly and professionally carried out and excellent advice given Mr Lee Thompson 01/05/2018
Bridge Preparation Laura is an extremely highly proficient and experienced dentist that makes you feel confident and relaxed. Mr David Walke 01/05/2018
Dental Health Check ▪️Welcoming ▪️Friendly ▪️Professional ▪️Easy to talk too ▪️Listens to the needs of the patient ▪️Would recommend this dental practice. Mrs Ann Kinder 26/04/2018
Tooth Ache Efficient, pleasant, patient, understanding, and highly professional. I'd highly recommend this dentist to anyone. Mr Michael Taylor 23/04/2018
Tooth Ache I was in considerable pain! An appointment was made for that day. Dentist was SUPERB - reassuring, sorted my problem out. Appointments made for further treatment. All staff very kind, efficient and caring. Anonymous 19/04/2018
Dental Health Check Like the cleanliness, efficiency and flexibility of the surgery and appointments. Mr Jonathan Parkin-child 18/04/2018
New Patient Examination Overall experience was excellent, from signing up to the an initially right through to my first dental appointment. Mrs Tania Bowler 06/04/2018
Hyg + Pocket Chart It is a friendly, professional practice which gives excellent advice and guidance. I am a solicitor and I trust the practice with my own teeth! Mr Robert Bartram 04/04/2018
Filling Appointment Really professional service. Lovely people working at reception who greeted me and the dentist and dental nurse were very friendly and made me feel at ease. Miss Rachel Bates 31/03/2018
Dental Health Check Amanda and Nichola are so lovely and always make me feel at ease, and the receptionists are very friendly Mrs Barbara Watson 27/03/2018
Dental Health Check Very friendly staff, dentist and hygienist were both careful and took their time Mr Lloyd Buck 20/03/2018
Crown Out Extremely accommodating. Friendly staff. Competent clinical staff. Mrs Christine Wendon 20/03/2018
New Patient Examination Dr Bates friendly - was seen quickly. Miss Jodie McPhee 15/03/2018
View The quick response in getting seen. It really makes a difference in how quickly it responds to treatment, and whether the tooth is salvageable, as have heard people waiting weeks in other practices to get similar treatment Mrs Sarah Carter 05/03/2018
Inlay Preparation Local friendly dental practice Mr David Hudsmith 02/03/2018
Dental Health Check Online Service is fantastic Mr John Summers 26/02/2018
Hygienist Sp & Pc Cheerful reception and helpful. Appointment almost on time. Professional treatment Mrs Joan Mather 23/02/2018
Hygienist New Patient I felt welcome and comfortable. In fact I have already passed your number on to my son Mr John Nicholson 21/02/2018
Hygienist New Patient Paul was exceptional - listened/reviewed my history, is very calm, confident, clearly excels at his job and I felt well looked after. My hygienist appointment was equally good. Mrs Jackie Sheldon 15/02/2018
Dental Health Check Both the Dentist and Hygienist are not only extremely professional but also very friendly and provide an excellent service and advice. Mr Aiden Moyles 14/02/2018
Dental Health Check Personal approach and care and thorough treatment. Mr David Swanston 07/02/2018
DHE Caring practice; lots of advice and practical help improve my oral health Mrs Alison Holt 06/02/2018

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