Helen's Story

"Would just like to say a huge thank you to you and your team for my super straight teeth with no gaps!
I have wanted this for years.  I’m very happy."

Before Invisalign After Invisalign

Helen writes about her Invisalign experience:

Invisalign dental aligners
I went for my first consultation for the Invisalign aligners in July 2013 as I had a gap between my two front teeth. John took pictures and moulds of my teeth, and a few weeks later I was able to watch a computer simulation on how the aligners would work and what the end result would look like. Once we agreed on the process, the aligners were ordered and a few weeks on, they had arrived.
I had chosen to have both top and bottom aligners, and initially it does take a few days to adjust to having them in. And for the first few days I did have a slight lisp but this soon goes. The aligners do have to be taken out in order to eat and it isn’t recommended to drink anything other than water with them in as they do discolour slightly but you can only really see this when you take the aligners out.
The aligners are changed once every 2 weeks and I would advise doing this at night so you sleep through any discomfort the new aligner might produce though in my experience there is very little.
The total time my treatment took was only 7 months! Which was amazing, and I now have the perfect straight teeth I have always wanted.
I would recommend them to anyone.
So simple!

       Helen Day

Close Up

The computer simulation produced before starting treatment.
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