Kate's Story

  • The problem you faced before you came to us? From teenage years I had always been very aware of my teeth and had over time had a huge impact on my confidence in a personal and professional manor. At the tender age of 34 I decided that it was time to look into the options. My day to day work means that I regularly meet with Dentists and other medical professionals – I don’t know if this made me more aware of my teeth and how they looked.
  • Your experiences of working with us for example the quality of care, service, quality of product and customer care? Care at Station House is absolutely first class and I have been delighted with the treatment plan from start to finish. I had an issue with the Glossop traffic one Friday and was unable to collect my new aligner and they were able to arrange for a member of staff to drop it off as they passed my home.
  • The major benefits since having the treatment? A huge increase in confidence – I have made presentations to large groups of people – including dentists – this is something that I wouldn’t have dreamed of 18 months ago!
  • What advice you would give people who are considering our services? Discuss your thoughts, queries, fears with John and the team. There is never a stupid question. Also, Go for it… it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
  • Was it a good investment in both time and money? Absolutely 100%

Before Invisalign After Invisalign

Kate writes about her Invisalign experience:

Invisalign dental aligners

From being a teenager I had always been very aware of my teeth. I saw an orthodontist as a 14 year old however needed to wait to start any treatment which would have impacted on college so decided to leave it. Overtime however this had a personal impact on my confidence and more recently found that I spoke with my hand over my mouth. At the tender age of 34 I decided that it was time to look into the options that might be available. I was delighted when I met with John and the team and he advised that there was an option for treatment with Invisilign, this was less invasive than the treatment that had been described to me as a teenager. The treatment plan fitted really well with day to day life, aligners were comfortable and easy to clean and maintain.

John and the team at Station House have been wonderful from start to finish. I am absolutely delighted with the final result and would recommend John to anyone. The treatment has had a huge positive impact on my confidence and I have had so many positive comments from friends, family and acquaintances. This has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made. Thank you Dr John.

       Kate Salt

Close Up

The computer simulation produced before starting treatment.
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