Removable Braces

These are braces which clip onto the teeth. They consist of a plastic plate with metal clips to hold it in place, and metal springs or screws to move the teeth. These braces are less common as they have a more limited control of tooth movement. They are particularly useful for straight forward problems, especially in younger children. Sometimes they can be used as part of treatment before moving to fixed braces. Despite being removable, they do need to be worn 24/7. They should only be removed for cleaning or for contact sports or swimming. If worn half the time, then it will not take twice as long to move the teeth, they will just stay in place!

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Functional Braces

These are a special type of removable brace used to influence the growth of the jaws. And position of the front teeth. Commonly used to help correct “goofy” teeth. There are many types of these. We normally use Twin Block appliances which are two braces on top and bottom teeth working together. We find that although all functional braces take a bit of getting used to , the Twin Block appliances are the best tolerated, and are easier to eat and talk with.As with normal removable braces they should be worn full time, taken out for cleaning and sports only.These are nearly always followed by fixed braces, briefly with both types of braces together.

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