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Many people have crooked teeth, or upper teeth which they feel stick out too much, or have other concerns with their appearance. Orthodontics is a way of slowly and gently moving the teeth and jaws to improve the appearance, health and function of the teeth. Click here for an Orthodontic Welcome Pack

Free Appointments

Currently we are offering a free preliminary consultation to assess suitability for braces and give you an idea of investment required. There is a £20 refundable deposit to reserve the time. Refundable on attendance or towards treatment.

When can you have treatment?

Young children, with both adult and baby teeth, have their development monitored. Simple treatment may be done at this age to simplify future treatment.

Teenagers, when all the adult teeth are present, are the most common group of patients to be treated, usually with fixed or “train track” braces. Removable braces may be used first, and extraction of some adult teeth or remaining baby teeth may be needed.

Adults can have treatment at any age. They may not have had braces when they were younger, or over time their teeth have moved. Click here for leaflet.

Patients may also want teeth moving to help with the provision of crowns, bridges or implants.

Who can have treatment?

Private treatment is available for all patients of any age. Appointments can be made in any of Dr Bates’ sessions. This can make it easier and more convenient for you, which may allow treatment to finish sooner. We can also use more advanced wires and brackets, which may reduce treatment times and be more comfortable. Quicker treatment is healthier for your teeth and gums. Tooth-coloured brackets are normally used to make them less noticeable. We also have a special reduced cost option for under 18s – Monday afternoon and Thursday morning Ortho sessions only. Click here for leaflet.

Invisible braces

We can now provide completely invisible braces, using fixed lingual braces on the back of the teeth. This is not suitable for all cases, but is particularly good for aligning the “social six” teeth at the front. We also provide fixed tooth coloured virtually invisible braces

Invisalign braces

We are proud to be the only practice providing invisalign braces in Glossopdale. These are clear aligners that gently and invisibly move the teeth.


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