Emergency Dental Pain Relief Appointment for New Patients

Emergency Dental Pain Relief Appointments are available to any patients, whether they have a current dentist elsewhere, or have no dentist.
The fee for this is £111. 

At this appointment we will do as much as is possible to relieve pain, and provide treatment to stabilise your condition. In many cases further definitive treatment may be needed. This can be arranged here under Private contract, our Membership Plans, or if you prefer you can arrange this at another practice.

We understand that in an emergency you may be anxious and concerned about your treatment. Your dentist will discuss all emergency treatment with you prior to commencing your treatment, including what will be involved.

We do have to prioritise Practice Patients, and though we will always try and accommodate patients in pain, we may not have sufficient time to see new patients. Contacting us as early in the day as possible will help us find a slot for you.

An NHS In Hours Emergency Service is available for patients registered with a GP in Greater Manchester and Glossop. Please ring 0161 476 9649 for the Greater Manchester NHS In Hours Emergency Service.

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