Smoking and Oral Health

Smoking Video

So you want to give up smoking…..

…did you know the benefits to your mouth begin the minute you stop?

 The minutes….

… after 20 minutes No more staining of teeth.

60 minutes

Blood pressure begins to fall Circulation begins to improve

The hours & days…

8 hours
Nicotine & carbon monoxide levels fall Oxygen levels in your gums return to normal

1 day
Lungs begin to work better. Carbon monoxide removed from your body.

2 days

Sense of taste & smell improve. Stale odours on your breath disappear.

 The improvements continue….

2 weeks

Withdrawal symptoms ease. Your energy levels increase.

3 months

Risk of gum disease greatly reduced. Smoking related white patches in the mouth disappear.

6 months

Risk of heart disease & cancer begin to fall.

Over 1 year

Health of your mouth greatly improved. Risk of mouth, throat & other cancers reduce further.

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